Meet the Friends

Mr. Daisy

Hi folks, thanks for checking out my webber page. The hooman set it up so we can share our adventures and stories. I hope it gives you a happy heart <3.


Oh my goodness I am so happy to meet you! Do you have any treats? Where are you going? Can I come? This is my ball. Do you want to throw it? Did you know Mr. Daisy can put away the garden hose all by himself? I am training to be a helper dog too. I am so glad you are my friend. I feel like I have known you forever. Do you have any treats?




Whoa…..close enough there buddy. Healthy boundaries are an important part of a balanced life. You can pet me with your eyes. Do you mind scooting a little to the left? A little further, just a tiny bit further… PUR-Fect. Now check this out!


Hi, I am Mr. Daisy’s cousin and bestie. We have the best times. I am a good boi and I have a PHD in off leash walkies. I like to play in the river and go on adventures. I live with 3 cats and I don’t even give them the zoomies.

The Hooman

Corrie Sue Sunshine Harris is our hooman. She does the helping peoples at her hooman job. She likes to hike, garden, and plan puppy adventures.

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